Montreal During The Holiday’s

Montreal was referred to as “Canada’s Cultural Capital” by Monocle Magazine. The city is Canada’s center for French-language television productions, radio, theater, film, multimedia and print publishing. The Quartier Latin is a neighborhood crowded with cafes animated by this literary and musical activity. Montreal’s many cultural communities have given it a distinct local culture.

As a North American city, Montreal shares many of the cultural features characteristics of the other metropolis on the continent, including representations in all traditional manifestation of high culture, a long-lasting tradition of jazz and rock music, and tentative experimentation in visual arts, theater, music, and dance. Yet, being at the confluence of the French and the English traditions, Montreal has developed a unique and distinguished cultural face in the world. Another distinctive characteristic of Montreal’s cultural life is to be found in the animation of its downtown, particularly during summer, prompted by cultural and social events, or festivals. During the Holiday’s this City really comes alive with visitors from all over the world as well as locals returning to spend time with family and friends.

The Montreal night life really comes alive this time of year with many Bars, Restaurants, Clubs and local hot spots coming alive with events and parties. Because of the friendly culture and European type of atmosphere Montreal attracts visitors from all over the world during the Holiday’s. Here at it will be our first Christmas in Montreal and it is our goal to help our visitors find all that is Hot, Hip, and Happening in and around the City. From local pubs, lounges, or if you are in the mood to sip on some cider and listen to some jazz music we help you know where to find it and what’s going on. provides a wide variety of venues for all different types of tastes from fine dining to casual eateries and late night cafes Montreal is the city for going out and meeting new people so if you are planning to visit Montreal during the Holiday’s let us help you find a great going out experience to cater to your mood.

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