Tis the season to be jolly!

Hello Holiday visitors and welcome to www.barmontreal.com this is the season to be jolly and shopping is going into over drive for this Holiday season and once the shopping is finished for the day you will probably want to find a great lounge, bar or restaurant to kick back and have a drink at with friends and family well we have a great selection of wonderful bars and restaurants for you to choose from. From Crescent street to Old Montreal to Saint Laurent we have found many great establishements that will cater to your socializing and dining out needs. www.barmontreal.com will guide you through the Montreal night life. Montreal is a city full of culture and rich history boasting more than 5000 eateries it is truly a city for socializing. Looking for a light lunch or a wonderful gourmet dinner, well take a look at what we have to offer.

www.barmontreal.com is a site which takes out visitors from the day right into the late night. Sadie is our host and it is her job to Tweet, Blog and review all of the hot spots in and around beautiful downtown Montreal with such a large selection of bars and restaurants in and around Montreal it is hard to find the type of establishment that you might be looking for and so our site provides a snap shot of some of the City’s best spots. From Winnie’s to Pino’s on Crescent St and Factory bar to Muzique on Saint Laurent www.barmontreal.com is your one stop for all that is hip and happening in and around beautiful downtown Montreal. Montreal contains everything that you could ever wish for; in terms of language, culture, food and entertainment, no city is richer.

With its great array of European Architecture, few cities in the world are as photogenic. It is a town of many faces, all of them Striking, Styling and Friendly. Montreal is a city with a life of it’s own; there is always a new hot spot, fashions change on a daily basis, to the point where it can be hard to keep up. But one thing is for sure, from the dazzling array of cutting-edge cocktails, fun party people and no shortage of hot spots for everyone and every taste, we do our best here at barmontreal.com to find your ideal venue for a wonderful night out in this great city.


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