First of all, we apologize to all our visitors who have been reading our blogs religiously, that we have not posted anything lately. On the other hand our twitter accounts have gone wild! We have so much activity going on here and many of the top clubs in Montreal have been added on our site and this is just the beginning. In a very short time frame in the very near future we promise our visitors to give them a greater and more complete picture of Montreal by adding many of the top notch restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges and events to our site.

As the saying goes; a cherry on the sundae, here at Bar Montreal we added our own cherry, but this time with a tilt! Much more new information is about to come, but for now just check out our new additions to the www.barmontreal.com site.

Club Lambi: Lambi is a delicious sea food, but also an instrument that has been around centuries in the carribean Islands and was primarily used for celebrations or in time of urgencies to gather the nations. This instrument gathers all types of music from Pop, Rock, Ska, Techno and many more.
For a night of musical celebration and experience live bands at various occasions during the week go to Lambi. www.clublambi.com

Light Ultra Club: Located on the trendy Crescent street, if you are looking to experience a stylish and fun and pleasurable night, with Light Ultra club you got the right address. Looking for and edge to your party life then just kick off your week-end with Light Ultra Club and check it at www.lightultraclub.com

Bains Douches: You are looking for something that is above and beyond what you have experienced, you are searching for that star-studded crowds. Bains Douches is the pinnacle of the senses: delightment, sensuality, rapture and bliss. Just hang on for the ultimate experience that Montreal has to offer. www.bainsdouches.ca

Take care everyone and just keep watching how Bar Montreal is about to transform how and where the beautiful people visiting Montreal go and let it loose!

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