Address 2171 CrescentMontreal QC (Downtown)
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Step back in time
Step into Troïka and step back in time. Enter the world of old Russia. Intimate dining room with rich velvet antique chairs and lined with authentic Russian works of art. Tables adorned with colourful flowers in full bloom and soft candlelight. All the splendor of Tzarist times.

Old-world charm and excitement
Experience all the charm, wonder and elegance of Imperial Russia at Troïka. Taste the finest in Russian and French cuisine. Gastronomic delights that were once prepared by French chefs for the Russian nobility. Complete with full-bodied wine and flavoured Russian vodka. All to romantic Russian folk music. An enviable night of culinary excellence and excitement awaits you.

A taste of Imperial Russia
Since 1962, Troïka has been the only restaurant in Montreal to feature unique and traditional Russian and French cuisine. Not the “soviet” cuisine. Rather, the likes of which could only be found in Imperial Russia. Only authentic cuisine prepared to perfection by our chef Jérôme Boully.

Our specialties
Beef Stroganoff, Chicken à la Kiev, Wild Boar, Borshtch, Piroshki Fantasia, Smoked fish. Not to mention our famous, mouth-watering caviar and homemade foie gras. Culinary excitement fit for Russian nobility. All served by waiters in period uniforms. A gastronomic experience lies ahead for you at Troïka.

Spirit of Old Russia
You can look forward to over 50 flavors of the world’s best Russian vodka and a wide selection of the finest wine, beer and other spirits at Troïka. One-of-a-kind ultra premium vodka imported from Russia chilled to perfection.

Music to yours ears
With nightly live entertainment, all the rich and exotic sounds of Old Russia are yours to enjoy at Troïka. Dine to our “Troïka” of talented musicians in traditional Russian costume at they stroll throughout the restaurant, playing a charming blend of classical, folk and romantic music. Quite a powerful mixture. All you need to turn on exceptional dining experience into a full-fledged extravaganza.

Let your party begin
You can enjoy the old-world Russian charm, wonder and elegance of Troïka at your very own private party. We take special pride in creating the right mix of culinary excellence and excitement for receptions, corporate meeting and other special event. All in the heat of downtown Montreal. All with authentic Russian and French cuisine that will please even the most fickle of palates.